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African Violet

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  1. By Tejas on
    After several years, an African violet can grow into a shape similar to that of a palm tree: the lower leaves tend to yellow and drop as the crown of the plant continues to grow upward. When the foliage crown reaches a couple of inches above the rim of the pot, you should rejuvenate your ovgracilachgalreheartfolrearthbeslustphe.coinfoing African Violet How-To1. Gently tap the sides of the pot against a hard surface to loosen.
  2. By Tezuru on
    Miniature African Violet 3 Plants 2" Pot Great for Terrariums Fairy Gardens Yard. $ 5 left. African Violet Stainless Steel Wicking Fork Hook tool. $ 7 sold. 3 1/2 INCH BLACK PLASTIC-AFRICAN VIOLET/STREPTOCARPUS POTS. $ 1 sold. Sponsored Listings.
  3. By Mikarisar on
    African Violet (Saintpaulia) plants are a popular species of houseplant, native to East Africa. Known for their striking resemblance to violets, African Violets have become a household favorite due to their resilience and easiness to grow. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned grower, African Violets are a joy to work with and look at.
  4. By Yogar on
    Aug 26,  · African violets can live a long time, as long as 50 years! To get them there, you need to provide good care which included repotting African violets. The trick is knowing when to repot an African violet and what soil and container size to use.
  5. By Kajizuru on
    We specialize in African violets and their relatives (gesneriads), and other plants suitable for the indoor home environment. Most are of a manageable size (can be grown on a windowsill or light stand), and many will bloom readily in the home.
  6. By Brar on
    African violets are strictly indoor plants in North America, largely because their leaves need to stay dry. Grow plants in bright, indirect light for the best color and blooms. A plant stand three feet away from a west- or south-facing window is an ideal location. Plants will still grow when situated right beside north- or east-facing windows.
  7. By Tohn on
    African violets are a popular indoor blooming plant that grows in a rosette of fuzzy foliage that forms a circle around one central crown. These plants has bouquets of blooms develop with the right indoor conditions in your home and with and a gardener's patience.
  8. By Dougal on
    The African Violet Society of America (AVSA) welcomes you! AVSA is the connecting place for people around the globe whose common interest is one amazing plant - the African violet. This fascinating plant, hailed as “America’s Favorite Houseplant,” provides color and beauty in the home all year long.
  9. By Nejar on
    African violets hail from moist, humid environments. In winter, the air in most homes doesn't have enough moisture for great growth and flowering. You can bump up the humidity around your African violets by creating small water reservoirs. Fill a shallow tray, such as .

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